Tuesday 8 December 2015

My dream on 11 July 2015

On the night of 11 July 2015, I had a weird dream in my sleep.

In my dream, my Taylor's College friends organised a birthday party for me at my house. The party was held at the living room throughout the afternoon, while my parents mostly stayed at the dining room. At one point during the party, my friends told me that they had also planned a dinner for me at a restaurant on that night. I went to the dining room to tell my parents that I would be going out with my friends for dinner later.

However, my mother said "Your friends have been here for quite a long time, now it's time for them to leave," while my father said "Don't let them be here for too long." I was holding the air-conditioner remote control at that time. Annoyed by what they said, I threatened to smash it onto the floor. Then, my father angrily said "Your friends are so important to you right? You talk to them a lot, but you hardly even talk to me. It seems that I am worth less than your friends!"

At that time, I realised that my friends were watching the conversation. They began to leave my house, and I quickly walked out to stop them. Then, my friends told me not to enter my house until they tell me to do so, and some of them walked back into my house. I thought that they might be having a talk with my parents. I was feeling quite uneasy because of what my father had said. I walked around outside my house, waiting for my friends to call me in.

After a while, my friends asked me to enter my house through the back door. As soon as I entered, my friends surprised me with a cake and a birthday card with their messages. At that time, I noticed that my relatives from another city were coming to my birthday party as well. I went to my father and told him about that, and he just replied okay. He didn't seem to be angry over the earlier incident anymore, and that made me feel relieved.

Then, when I looked at the calendar on the wall, I was surprised to see that there had been a time jump to a year later. Once again, my friends were celebrating my birthday at my house. Out of sudden, my father walked out of the house. I had no idea why he did that, so I informed my mother about that. She told me that over the past year, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and he often walked out of the house for no reason.

I was very sad to hear that, but I was also hoping that my father would have forgotten the incident which made him angry earlier. I and my mother went out to get my father back home. After we found him, my father said that he wanted to take me to a nearby city to celebrate my birthday. Not wanting to disappoint him, I agreed and my mother followed along.

When we were on our journey, I suddenly thought about my friends who were still at my house. I realised that I hadn't let them know my whereabouts, so they must have been waiting for me cluelessly for quite some time. Looking at me, my mother said "I know what you are thinking about," and she passed to me the birthday card that my friends gave me earlier. Then, I woke up from my dream.

This dream is really strange. I feel that it seemed to be reminding me of the importance of my family.

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