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Monday 5 December 2022

A weird dream (Jul 2022)

I had a weird dream on 31 July 2022.

In my dream, Kluang hospital organised a holiday trip to Penang. I and several of my House Officer colleagues joined the trip. We stayed at the top floor of a hotel in Penang.

At one point, the building of the hotel started swaying. I wasn't too concerned about that, as I had known that tall buildings are designed to sway during strong winds to help prevent damage.

Suddenly, the Medical Officer in charge of the trip told us to evacuate the building as it had suffered structural damage from excessive swaying. She scolded the House Officer leader for not relaying the evacuation order to us earlier.

When walking down the emergency stairs, my colleagues were quite slow and I was far ahead of them. I kept rushing them, saying that although I didn't think the building would collapse, we shouldn't risk our lives.

Influenced by me, they started speeding up. Eventually, all of us reached the ground floor. As soon as we walked out of the hotel, I saw its upper floors falling down. Luckily, it fell on another side, otherwise we would be crushed!

My colleagues then said that if they were just a bit slower in evacuating the building, they wouldn't have made it. They thanked me a lot for saving their lives by rushing them during the evacuation.

Later, we went to a restaurant and they treated me with a huge meal. I felt so honoured and I was over the moon. Then, I woke up from the dream.

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