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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Covid-19 ruining my university life

Due to the Covid-19 situation, NUMed has announced that all teaching from 17 March 2020 onwards will only be conducted online. Some students are very happy about that, but I definitely don't feel happy.

The fact that NUMed will be conducting all teaching online means that I don't get to be with my friends in NUMed. I definitely understand that this is necessary to help stop the spread of Covid-19. However, it seems that NUMed is planning to continue the online-only teaching until the end of this semester which is also the end of my MBBS course. If that's the case, it means that I will have very little chance to meet my friends in the 2015-2020 batch from now on.

As an emotional person, I feel really sad about that. I have not known these friends for very long as we weren't in the same batch previously. I only knew them about 6 months earlier when I started Year 6 of MBBS. Despite that, they mean a lot to me. Over the 6 months, I really enjoyed the moments I had with them. Thanks to them, I have a really great experience during Year 6, and it's better than my experience during Year 5.

Just the week before that, we were posted to Kluang. There, I had a very great time with my friends and it brought us even closer. In addition, I had the opportunity to make a few new friends from other groups. It's definitely my best week in this year so far. We are scheduled to go to Kluang again on the following week and for another 2 weeks in the following rotation, and I was looking forward to that so much. Then, NUMed's announcement came out of sudden, putting a stop to all of that.

The teaching for this semester is supposed to last until 8 May 2020. If not because of the Covid-19, I could have another 6 weeks with my friends. 6 weeks may not be a very long time, but it's still very valuable for me! To be honest, if I have that 6 weeks with my friends, I will still feel quite sad when 8 May comes. However, the difference is that at least I am prepared for that. The sudden, unexpected separation now is what makes it even more sad.

I hope, I really hope that the Covid-19 situation will be well controlled very soon and that normal teaching at NUMed will be reinstated.

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