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Thursday 17 March 2011

My 2010 Year-end School Holiday

I am sure that most people will like school holiday, especially the year end school holiday which is very long. However, for the year 2010, I do not like the year end school holiday. The main reason is that I could not play with my friends in school. After my PMR examination and before the year end school holiday starts, I enjoy going to school very much. In school, I can play games like chess with my friends and I don't have to study. At home, I could only go online and play computer games. Also, starting from the next year, I and my classmates will no longer be in the same class and will be seperated. Therefore, I did not want the school holiday to start.

The 2010 year-end school holiday started on 16 November 2010. In should start at 17 November 2010 but the school made the school holiday start one day earlier. On 17 November 2010, I went to Kulim Landmark Central for a gathering with my classmates. There, we ate at Pizza Hut. After that, we went to play Bumper Car and bowling. Some other classmates went to watch a movie in the cinema. The purpose of the gathering is to give the classmates of my class a chance to be together before we are separated next year.

For the following days, I stayed at home in Kulim until 5 December 2010. I played computer games, surfed the internet, watched television, studied Form 4 topics and attended my grandfather's Maths tuition class. My holiday life is basically the same as before the school holiday and after my PMR examination, except that I do not go to school. It is quite fun, but I preferred going to school.

On 4 December 2010, my parents came back from Kuala Lumpur. On the next day, 5 December 2010, I followed them back to Kuala Lumpur for holidays. There, I stayed at my parents' house in Subang Jaya. My mother bought me a new Acer laptop. I occasionally visit my parents' new house at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.

On 19 December 2010, I went to Singapore with my parents for 4 days and 3 nights for holidays. We went there by my father's car. We stayed at Marina Mandarin Hotel. I went to a few places such as the Singapore Flyer, the cable car of Sentosa Island and the Singapore Zoo. I had been to Singapore a year earlier but I did not go to these places.

On 22 December 2010 afternoon, my father drove us back to Kuala Lumpur. We rested for a few hours. At night on the same day, my father drove us to Kulim because I had to take my PMR results on the following day. I expected earlier that the PMR results will come out on 28 December 2010 but it turns out to be on 23 December 2010. That is why we had to rush back to Kulim from Singapore. We arrived at Kulim on 1:00AM.

On 23 December 2010, I went to school in the morning to take my PMR results. My father took me to school. My grandparents did not go because at that time they were in Kuala Lumpur for holidays. My mother stayed at home with my brother. I was very worried of my PMR result. I was so happy to see that I got 8A's for my PMR. Many of my friends also got 8A. For the whole school, more than 200 students got 8A and the percentage of passing the PMR examination is 100%. This year's PMR results is the best among the previous years. After taking my PMR result, I telephoned my mother and my grandparents to tell them about this.

That afternoon, we went to Penang to visit my mother-side grandparents. We had dinner with them in Penang. After dinner, my father drove us back to Kuala Lumpur. I will stay a few more days in Kuala Lumpur since the school had not reopened yet. We arrived at Kuala Lumpur at 12:30AM.

For the following days, I stayed at Kuala Lumpur for a few more days. My grandparents were also at Kuala Lumpur. They went there a few days before we went to Singapore. On 28 December 2010, my father took me back to Kulim with his car. My grandparents followed us back to Kulim. On 29 December 2010, my father went back to Kuala Lumpur. I had a few more days of holiday before the school reopened on 3 January 2011. The school should reopen on 2 January 2010 but the government announced that 2 January 2011 to be a public holiday because Malaysia won the football match against Indonesia.

3 January 2010 marks the end of my 2010 year-end holiday, as well as my after PMR life.