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Wednesday 31 August 2011

My Best and Worst Dreams in 2005

Sometimes, we dream when we sleep. The dream may either be a good dream or a nightmare. Usually, it is difficult to remember what happened in our dream after we wake up. However, I can still remember the best dream and worst dream I had in 2005.

My best dream in 2005:

The dream was about a maze and a house surrounded by nature. I had this dream during my year end school holidays in 2005. At that time, I didn't like a girl in my school, TT. She was previously my friend, but I hated her after an incident where she broke my ruler and pencil but refused to be responsible. I had the habit of trying to find out the address of the person I hate, so I tried to find out TT's address. As a result, I had this dream.

In this dream, one of my friend told me that TT was having a birthday party at her house and she invited everyone in my school. My friend also told me that TT's house was surrounded by nature and there was a big maze in front of her house. My friend said that TT's house was actually just behind our school but we could not directly get to her house from behind the school because her house was separated from our school by a small private building. The owner of that building strictly prohibited anyone from entering the compound of the building and the guards would shoot anyone who does that.

I was interested to go to TT's house. My friend told me that to get to her house, we had to make a big detour through Kulim town, and we also needed to find the correct way through the maze in front of her house. I then followed my friend to TT's house. When we arrived at her house, there was really a big maze and there were a lot of people there, including my friends. I tried to get through the maze by myself. However, after an hour, I still could not find the correct way through the maze. At last, I asked one of my friends for help. She led me through the maze easily and I finally reached the entrance of TT's house. The entrance was small, allowing only one person to pass through at a time. After going through the entrance, I saw her house. There were two swimming pools and many people were swimming in there. I was interested to go swimming as well. I swam in the shallower pool at first, then in the deeper pool. The water in the swimming pool was warm, it was like a hot spring.

After swimming for some time, I got out of the swimming pool. TT's house was just beside the pool. Around her house, there were many trees. The walls of the maze were made of stones. There were birds flying around. I really liked her house as it was surrounded by nature. My friends asked me to enter her house but I refused due to my poor relationship with TT. Then, I decided to leave her house and return to school. I had to pass through the maze again. This time, I somehow decided to keep to the right all the time, thinking that this could be the way out of the maze. It turned out that this really worked! It took me less than a minute to get out of the maze. I then walked back to my school, while trying to remember the way to her house. It was already around 5pm when I reached my school. I went to the top floor of my school and tried to look behind my school. There, I could see TT's house and a small building between her house and the school.

I thought that I could get to TT's house easily by just going through that building. My friend had told me that anyone who enters the compound of the building would be shot by the guards. However, I wanted to take the challenge by secretly sneaking though that building. Then, one of my friend told me that he was having the same thoughts as me. So, we decided to sneak through the building together. Another friend warned us not to do so but we did not listen to him. We climbed over the fence of the building. We could not go through the external compound of the building as there were guards. Instead, we had to enter the building through one end and then exit through the other end. The doors of the building were made of transparent glass. After we entered the door, a guard knew about that and he walked towards us, carrying a gun. We began to feel scared and we tried to hide behind a door. Unfortunately, the guard still saw us and he prepared to shoot us with the gun. I were so frightened and I woke up from my dream because of this.

I consider this dream as my best dream because it was really nice to be in a house surrounded by nature with a big maze in front of it, although the ending was very scary. I never had any other dreams as wonderful as this. Not long after I had this dream, I reconciled with TT and she was my friend once again.

My worst dream in 2005:

The dream was about myself being attacked by ghosts. I had this dream sometime in the 2nd half of 2005. At that time, I often went to the Pacific hypermarket in Butterworth with my family. I had always felt that the upper floors of Pacific hypermarket were quite creepy because those floors were always quite dark and usually there were not many people there. As a result, I occasionally had bad dreams about Pacific hypermarket.

In this dream, I went to Pacific hypermarket with one of my teacher. My teacher brought me there as a reward for winning a Mathematics competition. We were in the upper floors of Pacific hypermarket when we came across an escalator to the lower floor. I tried to look below and the lower floor was very dark. Further in front, there was another escalator from the lower floor. I was curious about the lower floor so I wanted to go down using this escalator, and I thought I could just come back up using the escalator in front.

My teacher warned me not to go down because he had somehow heard stories about ghosts there. I did not believe him and I insisted on going down as I was really curious. My teacher refused to go down with me so I had to go down myself. The escalator was not working so I had to walk down by foot. After walking down, strangely, I could not see any escalator in front. I walked forward trying to see clearer, but there really was no escalator. I was a bit frightened so I turned back. At that time, I could no longer see the escalator that I just went down. In fact, I could not see anything at all as I was in complete darkness. I was very scared and I screamed. Suddenly, a few ghosts appeared and they attacked me. I tried fighting them but I lost. My body was destroyed by the ghosts and I fainted.

When I regained consciousness, I was still in my dream. I found myself inside an aquarium in a nice house and I realised that I had turned into a fish. Then, a fairy came and told me she had saved me from the ghosts. She said that she would recover my damaged body but she needed some time for that, therefore she had to place my soul in a fish temporarily. According to the fairy, the place below that escalator was controlled by ghosts and anyone who went down that escalator would be killed, while I was really lucky that she was near that place at that time so she could save me. Later, when my body was completely recovered, the fairy transferred my soul back to my body and I was brought back to my house. Then, I suddenly woke up from my dream.

I was definitely very frightened by this dream and for quite some time after that, I refused to go to Pacific hypermarket. This dream is the worst and scariest nightmare I ever had. I rarely had nightmares involving ghosts.

Monday 29 August 2011

Tuition Classes I Have Attended

Do you go for tuition? Nowadays, most people go for tuition because they think that going for tuition can help in their studies and help them get good results in examinations. If you are close to me, you may know that I had not went for any tuition before Form 4. The reason is that in the past I always think that I can score in my examinations by myself without the need of any tuition. However, starting from Form 4, I begin to think that I really need tuition, so I started going for tuition classes. Actually, I have went for tuition before Form 4.

I went for my first tuition when I was in Standard 3. I went tuition for Arts subject. You may be surprised of why I went for Arts tuition, as Arts is not a UPSR subject and I was never interested in Arts. I went for Arts tuition because all the while my drawing is very bad, and I could not draw at all during Arts lesson in school. The Arts tuition center was located near the old Nola supermarket in Kulim. I went there every Saturday from 10:30am to 12:30pm. However, the teacher was not good at teaching arts. Instead of teaching everyone together on the board, he lets everyone draw their own. He would go from one table to another and teach each person for a while. He was also a fierce teacher. Once, someone accidentally spilled the water in her bottle, and she got a terrible scolding from the teacher. Whenever someone couldn't draw properly, the teacher would scold. I went there for a few months, but it did not improve my drawing. The only thing I learnt from the Arts tuition was how to colour using poster colour. I stopped going for Arts tuition after a few months, and I never went for any other Arts tuition. Until now, I am still very bad at arts.

My grandfather is a Mathematics teacher and he is giving tuition for Mathematics and Additional Mathematics at his tuition center. He gave tuition for Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5. My grandfather's tuition center is located at upstairs of the old Cosway in Kulim. When I was in Standard 5 and Standard 6, sometimes during the holidays I would follow him to the tuition center for Form 3 Mathematics and sometimes even Form 4 and Form 5 Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. He would ask me to go if he felt that I was able to understand the topic he was teaching. I usually had no problems understanding what he thought. However, I would go there only sometimes during school holidays.

At Standard 6, I had my UPSR. The school made it compulsory for all students to attend school tuition for every subject. Instead, we did not need to take part in Clubs & Societies for cocurriculum. The tuition was held daily from 1:30pm to 3:00pm, one day for one subject. I was not happy to attend the school tuition at first because I thought that I only need to attend tuition for Malay and Chinese but not the other subjects. However, I had no choice but do attend it. Everyday, I had to eat lunch in school. The school tuition was also held during the school holidays. During the school holidays, it was held daily from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Later, I began to get use to attending the school tuition but I was still unhappy to do so. If I had the choice, I would have attended the tuition for Malay and Chinese only. We did not need to pay for the tuition.

At Form 3, for the later half for the year, the school organised night classes for the PMR. All Form 3 students could choose whether to attend the night class or not to. Those who wanted to attend the night class had to pay RM50. Since I was given the choice, I decided to attend the night class for all subjects except Mathematics which was my best subject. The night class was held daily from 8:15pm to 10:15pm, one day for one subject. One night, I mistaken the time table and attended the night class for Mathematics. Then, I felt that it was fun to attend night class for Mathematics so I decided to do so for every night class of Mathematics. During the night class, the teacher would let us do exercises then discuss the answers. The night class was held for 2 months, from June until one week before PMR. However, there was no night class during the Ramadhan month.

At the end of Form 3, November 2010, my grandfather started his tuition class for Form 4 Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Some of my friends and former primary school classmates went for his tuition. The tuition was on every Monday and Wednesday. In the beginning, I did not want to go for his tuition because I wanted to watch my favourite drama series 'My Family My Love' from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, while his tuition was until 7:00pm. I did not want to miss the drama, moreover it was after my PMR. Later, my grandfather changed his tuition to Wednesday and Saturday. I could attend his tuition and only need to miss one episode of the drama per week. Starting from the beginning of Form 4 until the end of Form 5, I go for my grandfather's tuition for Additional Mathematics and Mathematics every Wednesday from 3:15pm to 6:45pm and every Saturday from 2:30pm to 6:00pm.

In Form 4 and Form 5, I also attended tuition for Malay language. Although it is slightly easier to score A in SPM Malay than PMR Malay, I still think that I need tuition for Malay as it is quite difficult and very important. I asked my friends for recommendations, and they recommended me to go for Malay tuition in Pusat Tuisyen Inisiatif Utama, where Cikgu Yazid is the teacher. My father registered my name at that tuition center. I started going for Malay tuition after the 2011 Chinese New Year. I felt that Cikgu Yazid is really good at teaching Malay. He helped me in writing my Malay essay. In Form 4, the tuition was held every Friday from 8:30am to 10:15am, while in Form 5, the tuition was held every Friday from 8:00am to 9:45am. Pusat Tuisyen Inisiatif Utama is located near my school. I go for that tuition until I completed Form 5.

I also planned to go for tuition for Chinese language because it is a very difficult subject. I was recommended by my friend to go for a tuition center at Keladi, Kulim. However, the tuition was held at Wednesday night after my grandfather's tuition. I felt too tired to attend that tuition after studying for the whole day. So, I decided not to go. There are no other Chinese tuition centers I know in Kulim so I could not attend tuition for Chinese. Later, at June 2011, I decided to drop Chinese in SPM because I am not confident to get A+, not even A, as Chinese Paper 2 is very difficult. Therefore, I am not attending tuition for Chinese anymore. My friends also suggested me to take tuition for Chemistry in Puan Yeap's tuition center but I did not want to. The reason is that I think that my Chemistry teacher is good enough and I want to depend on myself for Chemistry. I do not attend tuition for any other subject except Malay, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.