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Saturday 20 December 2014

Simple decision, great consequences

Now, I am studying Medicine at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) under sponsorship of the JPA scholarship. Actually, it was an important decision I made in the past which enabled me to get the JPA scholarship.

Back in secondary school, I took 10 subjects for my SPM examination. I chose Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as my 10th subject because it is a Science subject which is studied in English. However, many other students in my school chose Prinsip Perakaunan as their 10th subject. In the beginning, ICT seemed to be an easy subject. The almost complete SPM ICT reference book has less than 100 pages, and its size is smaller than other SPM reference books. Therefore, we did not have to study a lot for ICT. The exam questions also looked quite easy. 

However, all ICT students in my school were shocked when the SPM 2010 results were released in March 2011, because no one in our school got A+ for ICT, and only a few students got A or A-. Worst of all, we later heard the news that no student in the whole Malaysia got A+ for ICT in SPM 2010. Many ICT students including me were worried about that. As a result, many students dropped ICT after Form 4. 

Despite that, I did not consider dropping ICT. Since ICT is a subject where we can make full preparation for it, I was confident that as long as I fully understood it I would be able to get A+ in SPM. A few of my friends advised me to drop ICT. They said that it was very risky for me to take ICT since my target was to get 10A+ in SPM. I did not listen to their advice and I insisted on taking ICT in SPM.

In the end, I successfully got A+ for ICT in SPM. Instead, out of my expectation I did not get A+ for English. Overall, I got 9A+ and 1A for my SPM. With that, I could get the MOE Bursary which sponsored for my A Level, since the requirement to get the MOE Bursary is 9A+ or above in SPM. Since I was a Bursary student, I was automatically offered the JPA scholarship after I completed A Level and met the requirements. 

Looking back, if I dropped ICT back then, things would be completely different now. Without ICT, I would only have 9 subjects in SPM and my results would be 8A+ and 1A, which would not qualify me for the MOE Bursary. Consequently, I would have to apply for the JPA scholarship as a non-Bursary student, which would require me to go through interviews and there is no guarantee of getting it. Since my interview skills is not very good, it is very likely that I would not get the JPA scholarship.

Sometimes, a simple decision which seems to be very small can actually have a great effect on your life. So, always think carefully before making a decision. When you have decided on something, just go for it and don't let others influence you, because only you know what is best for yourself.

Hope everyone will learn something from my story. Thanks for reading this.