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Thursday 4 May 2017

My dream about a movie

One night in March 2017, I had a dream that I was watching a movie. I have no idea why I had this dream. In reality, I have never watched any similar movie, neither did I read any similar story. The plot of the movie I watched in my dream is like this:

The main character of the movie is a man who works in an electronics factory. One day, he was walking on the 2nd floor corridor of the factory, carrying an electric meter in his hand. The electric meter had definitely been disconnected from the electricity. The man saw his co-worker on the other end of the corridor. He threw the electric meter towards his co-worker and told him to catch it. However, as soon as his co-worker caught the electric meter, the co-worker had a severe electric shock. It was surprising that the co-worker got the shock from the electric meter even though it was not connected to the electricity.

Some time later, the man was walking on the same 2nd floor corridor in the factory. Outside the corridor there was a safety net. He felt that the net was a bit messy, so he reached out his hand to adjust the net. When he touched the net, it started vibrating violently, as if something was bouncing on the net. Strangely, he could see nothing on the net, neither could anyone else. Nobody could explain why the net vibrated. This incident, in addition to the previous incident, caused many workers to believe that the factory is haunted.

The boss of the factory decided to have a talk with the man regarding the incidents. The boss told him about something that happened in the past. Previously, the factory used to be a sports complex, and the was a tennis court below the 2nd floor corridor. One day, a boy who was a newbie in tennis joined his friends to play tennis at that court. When he was playing, due to lack of skills he hit the ball straight upwards. Surprisingly, the tennis ball didn't fall back down, instead it was bouncing in mid-air, even though there was nothing for the ball to bounce on to. The boy and his friends were really frightened by that and the sports complex was thought to be haunted.

Because of that incident, the management of the sports complex sold the place at a low price, and the place was transformed into the electronics factory. The boss of the factory kept the whole thing secret because he didn't want the workers to know about it. For quite a long time nothing happened at the factory, until the two incidents which just happened. Since both incidents involved the same man, the boss felt that it might have something to do with him so that's why the boss told him everything. After knowing all these, the man felt helpless and he went to consult a scientist.

Through some investigations, the scientist found out that the man is actually a mutant species, like an X-Men. He has the mutant ability to manipulate an object across time and space. This explains the weird incidents that happened at the factory. For the first incident, when he threw the electric meter towards his co-worker, he brought the electric meter from the past to the present. Since the electric meter was connected to the electricity in the past, when it was brought to the present it gave the co-worker an electric shock.

For the second incident, when the man touched the safety net, he brought it to the past, or more precisely, to the moment when the boy hit the tennis ball vertically upwards, and at the same time, the tennis ball was brought to the present. As a result, the tennis ball of the past was bouncing on the safety net of the present. This explains why in the past incident the tennis ball seemed to bounce in the mid-air while in the second incident the safety net seemed to vibrate violently on its own.

However, the man never knew previously that he is a mutant species and he never consciously activated his mutant ability, in fact he didn't even know how to activate it. Through some questioning by the scientist, it was found out that the man once made a mistake in the past which caused his wife to leave him. He regretted the mistake very much and he kept thinking about it until now. The fact is that, whenever he dwells himself too deeply in his past mistake, he inadvertently activated his mutant ability, which led to the incidents at the factory.

Now that the man understood everything, he chooses to live the life of a normal human rather than a mutant. However, he doesn't know how to prevent himself from activating his mutant ability. The scientist encouraged him to attend counselling sessions to help him move on from his past mistake. With that, he no longer thinks about his past mistake, so he no longer inadvertently activates his mutant ability. No more weird incidents happen at the factory, and he is definitely happier than before.

So, that's the movie I watched in my dream. This movie is definitely quite weird, and I doubt there is a real movie with a plot like this. However, I feel that this movie gives a good life lesson: Instead of keep regretting over our past mistakes, we should move on from it and embrace it as part of our life experience.

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