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Friday 22 February 2013

18 October 2012 Incident

NOTE: This story has implied meaning. However, as of December 2013, it no longer has any significance for me.

On 18 October 2012, I went to school as usual. At that time, many of my friends often skipped school because it was close to SPM. But on that day, most of my friends attended school. I was happy about that. However, starting from the 2nd period onwards, I began to feel very tired. It was most likely because on the night before that, I studied Sejarah until 3:30AM. It was the 1st time I ever studied so late. I was so tired that I could not even talk to my friends. At last, I had to sleep in the class.

I slept throughout the Chemistry period. Then during recess, I felt better and I could go to the canteen to eat. But after recess, I felt very tired again. I again had to sleep in class during the Biology period. After that, it was Additional Mathematics period. At that time, I was not so tired anymore so I woke up. I could do the questions given by my teacher and even teach my friends on the questions. That was the last two periods in school.

After returning home, I thought of what happened in school on that day. Ever since the 11 July 2012 incident (Read about that incident here: ), I had always wanted to treasure every moments with my friends in school before leaving school, so every single day in school was very important for me. However, I realised that I had wasted that day in school. Many of my friends attended school on that day, but I could not talk to them because I was too tired. Thinking of that made me felt unhappy. I regretted studying until so late on the previous night.

Then, I suddenly realised something: That day was not the only day I had wasted in school. Actually, I had also wasted 3 days on the week before that. I recalled what had happened one week earlier.

One week before that, it was the Kem Pelajar Gemilang SPM 2012 organised by JPN Kedah in Alor Star. Most students in my school who got straight A's in the SPM trial were chosen to attend that. However, I was not chosen to attend the program even though I got 9A+ 1A for the SPM trial. The teacher in charge told me that it was because my results were very close to straight A+, so my chance of getting straight A+ in SPM was very high, therefore I did not need to attend the program. I was very unhappy about that because I actually qualify to attend the program.

The program lasted for 3 days. During that 3 days, I attended school as usual, but I was unhappy because I wanted to attend that program. Many of my classmates did not attend school during that 3 days, they were either absent or attended the program. At that time, I still considered some of my friends as 'Important' and others as 'Unimportant'. Most of my classmates who did attend school during that 3 days were my 'Unimportant' friends. Because my 'Important' friends were not in school, I felt boring and that made me feel even more unhappy. I thought that if I could attend the program, it would be much more interesting.

I did not talk much to my classmates in school during that 3 days, instead I was often in bad mood. Because of that, it also affected my productivity. I remembered how I was unable to answer many of the questions in the Terengganu Trial Biology Paper 2 and MRSM Trial Mathematics Paper 2 given by my teachers, even though it reality they were not very difficult. I also wrote a poor essay when my English teacher gave us a Directed Writing question. So, I had wasted that 3 days in school.

When I thought back of all those, I realised that could actually make the most out of that 3 days, rather than just wasting it. I should not have ignored my friends who attended school during that 3 days just because they were my 'Unimportant' friends. Instead, I should have talked more to them and treasured the moments I had with them in school. Then, I would not have felt boring and unhappy in school, therefore the 3 days would not be wasted.

At last, I understood something. It was wrong for me to classify my friends into 'Important' and 'Unimportant'. All my friends are important and I should treasure all of them. I told myself that from that day onwards I should change. The whole incident became my "18 October Revolution". Unfortunately, it was a bit too late. Less than 2 weeks later, it was the SPM and after SPM, I had to separate with my secondary school friends. But I did learn an important lesson from that incident, so I will not repeat the same mistake now.