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Wednesday 8 June 2011

2011 Chinese New Year Diary

The 2011 Chinese New Year fell on 2nd February (Thursday). The school provided 10 days holiday for Chinese New Year, that is from 28 January to 6 February. This is the my dairy during the Chinese New Year.

28 January 2011 (Friday) - 31 January 2011 (Monday): Pre-CNY
These few days were school holidays. My parents and my uncle's family were not back from Kuala Lumpur yet. I just did some revisions.

1 February 2011 (Tuesday): Day before CNY eve
I went to my grandfather's tuition centre in the afternoon. The tuition ended on 6:30PM. My parents had arrived in Kulim in the afternoon. They picked me up after my tuition. After going home to take my bath, they took me for dinner in a Japanese restaurant. That night on 12AM, my uncle's family arrived in Kulim. I played with my cousins for a while before going to sleep.

2 February 2011 (Wednesday): CNY eve
Today was Chinese New Year's eve. I woke up early on 5AM to follow my grandparents to the market in Bukit Mertajam to buy the ingredients needed for the reunion dinner at night. My father followed along. We bought breakfast as well. After returning home at 6:30AM, I slept until 8:30AM before waking up and had breakfast. After that, we went to a temple to pray. Then, we went to the Kulim market to buy some fireworks. Next, my parents went to RHB bank to do some work. We returned home next. For lunch, I had noodle soup cooked by my grandmother. Then, I played with my brother and cousins. My parents, uncle and aunt went for shopping in the afternoon, leaving me, my brother and my cousins playing at home. At 7PM, we had steamboat for reunion dinner at home. After dinner, we enjoyed lychee and longan. Later, we played fireworks. At 12AM, my grandparents, my uncle and my father went to another temple to pray but I did not follow along.

3 February 2011 (Thursday): CNY 1st day
I woke up at 8:30AM. I greeted my family members Happy Chinese New Year. I also received ang-pows from them. I let my mother keep all my ang-pows. We had a Chinese New Year meal for breakfast at home. At 11:30AM, we went to McDonald's Kulim for lunch. Then, we went to visit one of our relative's house for a few hours. We returned home at 4PM. I played with my brother and cousins. At 7PM, we had dinner together at home. Then, we again enjoyed lychee and longan. Later, we played fireworks again. Then, we went to a nasi-kandar restaurant to eat roti-canai.

4 February 2011 (Friday): CNY 2nd day
In the morning, we had breakfast at a Chinese restaurant. Then in the afternoon, we went to Penang. We had lunch at a roadside stall. However, most of the stalls were close because of Chinese New Year. Therefore, after that we went to Gurney Drive to eat more. Then, at 4PM, my parents and I went to my mother-side grandmother's house in Penang. I wished my relatives staying in her house Happy Chinese New Year and got ang-pows from them. Next, at 6PM, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Penang. My mother-side grandfather held a dinner there. After dinner, we went back to Kulim. I played fireworks before sleeping.

5 February 2011 (Saturday): CNY 3rd day
In the morning, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Bukit Mertajam for breakfast. After that, my uncle's family went back to Kuala Lumpur. I stayed at home in the afternoon. My grandfather's students visited my house. At night, we went to a Western food restaurant in Penang for dinner. After that, we went home. I played fireworks again before sleeping.

6 February 2011 (Sunday): CNY 4th day
I had breakfast at home in the morning. After that, I went to Penang. My mother-side grandfather held a lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Penang. Then, on the way home, my father visited a tuition centre to register Malay tuition for me. My parents also took me to a bookshop to buy me some revision books. In the evening, my parents returned to Kuala Lumpur after dinner. This was the end of the 2011 Chinese New Year. The school reopened on the next day.

I really enjoyed the 2011 Chinese New Year very much. Every year, I would be very happy to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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