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Tuesday 3 June 2014

31 July 2013: An important day for me

31 July 2013 was during my 2nd semester at Taylor's College. At that time, I was not close to many of my college friends and I was quite antisocial.

A few days before that, my Physics teacher was teaching the topic Gravitational Potential. During class, he asked a question “The gravitational potential of the Moon depends on the mass of the Earth or the Moon?”. I quickly answered “Moon”. However, I was confused and the actual answer was Earth. My teacher was disappointed with me. He asked me “Do you have a girl friend?” I answered “No.” Then, he said “You look confused recently.”

On 31 July 2013, the final written examination of the MPW Malaysian Studies subject was held at my college. My college adjusted the timetable on that day so that the class would end 2 hours before the examination because they wanted to give us some time to do revision for the examination. After the class ended, I and some of my friends stayed in the class, while others went out of the class probably to revise for the examination.

At that time, two of my friends who were not very close to me asked me “What are you going to do now?”. I replied “Of course I will be revising for the Malaysian Studies.” They said “You don't have to revise, you are so clever already”. I replied “No, I am not that clever. That day I answered our Physics teacher’s question wrongly even though it was an easy question. He was so disappointed with me and he thought that I have a girl friend which affected my studies.”

My friends then said “Then do you have a girl friend actually? You never told us about your love story. Tell us, we would like to know.” So, I told them about my love story. They were surprised by what I said since I never told them about that before. They were interested to know more so they asked me several questions, and I answered accordingly. They were sitting quite far away from me so we talked quite loudly. As a result, my other friends who were in the class could hear our conversation. They were interested in the conversation so they also joined in.

Our conversation went on for a long time and we stopped the conversation just before the examination started. Through this conversation, my college friends definitely knew much more about me compared to earlier. I never had such a long and close conversation with my college friends before. As a result of the conversation, we could not revise for the examination during the 2 hours. However, we could still answer the questions in the examination quite well since we had revised a lot days before the examination.

After returning home on that day, I thought back of the conversation. I realised that I could actually communicate with my college friends very well, otherwise that conversation would not have went on for so long. However, before that I never really attempted to communicate with my college friends, which was why I was antisocial. By being antisocial, I had not been able to make the most out of my college life. Thinking of these made me realised that I should not be antisocial. I told myself that from that day onwards, I should talk to my college friends more and be closer to them.

After that day, I became very much closer to my college friends, and I was not antisocial anymore. Later, I also started going for outings with them. As a result, my college life also became much more interesting, which was why I treasured it so much. Thanks to that remarkable conversation I had with my friends.

Therefore, the incident on 31 July 2013 is definitely very important for me. Even though that incident happened so long ago, its effect on me is long lasting.

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