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Wednesday 30 July 2014

An amusing incident

In May 2014, after I was rejected by Perdana University, I was worried that I might also be rejected by other universities. As a backup plan, I applied to SEGi University. Later, SEGi University informed me that I was shortlisted for interview, but they did not tell me the exact interview date and time.

On 22 July 2014, I decided to telephone SEGi University to ask them about the interview date. The woman in charge said that she would check and inform me about that later.

After a while, a man telephoned me. He said that he phoned me because of my application. I assumed that he was another staff in SEGi University. I told him that I just called the university earlier to ask about the interview date. The man did some checking and asked me if I could attend the interview at 10AM on 5 August 2014. I agreed with that.

On the next day, the woman telephoned me. She asked me to choose the interview date and time. I told her that earlier another staff from the university had confirmed the interview date and time, which is 10AM on 5 August. She agreed with the date and time.

Later on that afternoon, the man telephoned me. This time, he asked me if I had paid the application fee. I told him that I sent the cheque together with the application form. However, he said that he could not find my cheque. He then told me to ask my parents and see if the cheque had been cleared.

After asking my parents, they said that the cheque had been cleared. On the next morning, the woman sent me an SMS to confirm that my interview will be on 5 August. After reading the SMS, I assumed that the university had found my cheque and this problem had been solved.

In that afternoon, the man sent me an e-mail to ask me if I had asked my parents about the cheque. However, when I looked at the e-mail, I was very shocked. The man wasn't a staff in SEGi University ! Instead, he was a staff in UCSI University. All the while, I had mistaken him to be telephoning from SEGi University !

The truth was that, the woman was a staff in SEGi University, while the man was a staff in UCSI University. The man happened to phone me on the same day I phoned SEGi University, that was why I got confused.

I quickly telephoned the man to apologise to him about this. I also told him to cancel my application to UCSI University. Actually, I applied to UCSI University earlier in February, but I did not pay the application fee and I did not continue with the application, because I was told that I had to wait until my actual A Level results was out in August before I could apply.

I still went for the SEGi University interview on 5 August. The funny part was that, the date 5 August was not suggested by me or by SEGi University, instead it was suggested by the man in UCSI University.

Anyway, this incident taught me to be more careful next time.

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