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Wednesday 18 July 2018

My weird dreams

One night in June 2018, I had two weird dreams in my sleep, one after another. The second dream seemed to be a continuation from the first dream.

In the first dream, I travelled myself to a university in Penang to help my father deliver a document to one of his friend. I can't remember the name of the university, but I knew the university didn't have Medicine course. There were many students at the university. I delivered the document at the 2nd floor of the university.

The 2nd floor looked really nice, so I wanted to take a picture there. However, a few students kept interfering, which prevented me from taking the picture. I switched to another angle, but they continued to interfere. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I got so annoyed that I shouted loudly. A lecturer then asked me what happened and I told him I really wanted to take a picture. With his help, I managed to take the picture.

After that, I wanted to go back down to the ground floor using the lift. However, when the lift door opened, the lift wasn't there and I saw the lift shaft instead. The lift arrived after a while. I found that really dangerous and I dared not use the lift. A few students told me that the lift had the problem for some time and they had gotten used to it, but I was still not convinced. There were a few other lifts, but all of them were out of service.

I decided to use the stairs to get down to the ground floor. The only stairs I found was the emergency stairs, but its door was securely locked. A few students told me they were confident that they would never need to use the emergency stairs. As I continued to look around, I noticed that outside a window, there was a grass slope all the way down to the ground floor. I then climbed out of the window and walked down the slope. After reaching the ground floor, I got scolded by a student for stepping on the grass on the slope.

I walked out of the university and took a taxi to the bus stop. As I got down at the bus stop, I suddenly realised that I had left my bag in the taxi, and the taxi had just left. I began to panic as I didn't have the contact details of the taxi driver. A few people at the bus stop told me the name of the taxi driver, having seen him earlier. However, they refused to give me his contact details. I tried searching for his name on Google, but I could find nothing.

Worse still, the bus that I wanted to take would be arriving shortly, so there was insufficient time for me keep trying to get back my bag. I had to choose between losing my bag or missing the bus. I felt extremely stressed and as a result, I woke up from the dream. I was so glad to know that it was just a dream and that my bag was safe and sound. I then went back to sleep, where I had another dream which seemed to continue from the previous dream.

In the second dream, I was at a hot air balloon festival in Penang myself. I wanted to take a hot air balloon ride since I had never taken one before in the past. There were many people at the festival and I had to wait for quite some time while queuing up for the ride. When it reached my turn, there were a few other people who were taking the same ride with me. I didn't know them personally.

I walked down the stairs to get to the platform where the hot air balloon was positioned. I got onto the basket of the hot air balloon and the pilot lifted the balloon off the ground. As we ascended into the air, I was able to get a nice view of Penang. Although I wasn't afraid of heights, I was a bit worried of a possible hot air balloon accident.

After a while, I noticed that there was another hot air balloon near us. We got closer and closer to that balloon and we were about to collide with it, causing me to feel very scared. However, the pilot managed to steer our balloon away from the other balloon and avoid the collision. The pilot then said that it was a normal occurrence in hot air balloon rides and told me not to worry.

Then out of sudden, the balloon started shaking violently due to turbulence and I once again felt quite scared. As time went on, the turbulence became even worse. Eventually, I was thrown out of the balloon by the turbulence. I hung on to the basket of the balloon, but I couldn't do so for long. None of the people on the balloon offered me any help, and I was about to fall to the ground. At that time, I woke up from the dream and I was so glad about that.

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