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Monday 4 September 2017

My 2017 summer break

In 2017, I had 6.5 weeks of summer break between 18 July 2017 and 4 September 2017, after the end of Stage 3 of my MBBS course at NUMed. Many interesting events happened during the summer break. Here, I am going to write about those events.

Compared to the previous years, my summer break is much shorter this year. Yet, this is the last time where I have a break longer than 1 month. In 2018, even though my summer break will technically last for 12 weeks, I have to spend 8 weeks of the break doing the Elective.

18 July 2017 (Tuesday):

I sat for Paper 2 of the SBA examination for Stage 3 of MBBS on that day. This paper was rather difficult, and it was as difficult as Paper 1 on the previous day. Immediately after the examination, the list of students who were required to take the Confirmation OSCE was released. I was exempted from the Confirmation OSCE. This meant it was almost certain that I had passed the Exemption OSCE which I took in the previous week and I was glad about it.

After that, I went to the NUMed student office to make a request regarding the student grouping for Stage 4 of MBBS. I wanted to be placed in the same group with my group mates in my Stage 3 group. Unfortunately, the student office refused to consider my request no matter what. On that night, I had dinner at KFC in AEON Bukit Indah to celebrate my completion of the SBA examination.

19 July 2017 (Wednesday):

On that afternoon, I went for lunch at Nando's in AEON Bukit Indah.

20 July 2017 (Thursday):

I had breakfast with 2 of my friends at Wen Loy Restaurant in Bukit Indah on that morning. The restaurant served dim sum as well as noodles. On that afternoon, my parents came to take me back to Subang Jaya. I left a lot of my belongings at Horizon Residences as NUMed allowed me to do so without additional charges.

22 July 2017 (Saturday):

On that afternoon, I went to Focus Point at Subang Parade to make a new pair of glasses. I had been using my old pair of glasses for about 6 years and I could no longer see very clearly with it. My favourite video game has always been Clash of Clans, and I have 2 accounts for it. My 2nd Clash of Clans account was upgraded to Builder Hall level 4 on that day.

23 July 2017 (Sunday):

On that day, I went back to Kulim. My 1st Clash of Clans account was upgraded to Builder Hall level 5 on that day.

24 July 2017 (Monday):

When I tried to turn on my Acer laptop on that day, it wouldn't boot. I tried using the Windows 10 recovery options, but none of them worked. From my experience, I felt that the problem could be due to the hard disk drive.

25 July 2017 (Tuesday):

The Confirmation OSCE was on that day. Those who didn't pass the Exemption OSCE were required to take it. The scores of the Exemption OSCE and Confirmation OSCE would then be combined to determine whether or not a student passed. This meant they had to perform better in the Confirmation OSCE compared to how they performed in the Exemption OSCE. Only 1 student in my batch had to take the Confirmation OSCE.

30 July 2017 (Sunday):

On that day, I went shopping with my family at AEON Bukit Mertajam. We then had lunch at Nando's.

31 July 2017 (Monday):

The results for Stage 3 of MBBS was released on that day. I was quite worried of failing the SBA examination as I would have to repeat the entire Stage 3 in that case. I checked my results for Professionalism first, followed by the Exemption OSCE and then the SBA examination. I felt so happy and relieved to know that I passed all of them. With this, I could proceed to Stage 4 of MBBS. There were 8 students in my batch who failed Stage 3.

1 August 2017 (Tuesday):

On that morning, I and my family had dim sum for breakfast at Kim Hee Restaurant in Alma, Bukit Mertajam. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite nice. This was the first time I went there.

2 August 2017 (Wednesday):

On that afternoon, I returned to Subang Jaya by taking the electric train service (ETS). While I was on the train, I ordered briyani rice from the cafeteria.

3 August 2017 (Thursday):

I brought my Acer laptop to Redtop ICT Centre at Subang Parade for a repair on that day. They did some testing and confirmed that there was a problem with the hard disk drive. The drive had to be replaced, and I would be losing all data as a result. I asked if the data could be recovered and they said they could try to recover it. However, the process would take several days and there was no guarantee of success.

I was planning to get a new Surface Pro laptop if the data recovery fails. After that, I collected my new pair of glasses at Focus Point. This glasses looked quite nice and I could see much clearer with it. On that night, I had dinner with my family at The Ship in Damansara. It is a really nice Western restaurant.

4 August 2017 (Friday):

I received the NUMed Offer of Accommodation for the 2017-2018 academic year on that day. I was offered the same room at Horizon Residences as the one I stayed in the past 3 years. On that night, I and my family had dinner at Cor Blimey Cafe in SS15. This restaurant serves British fish and chips which is quite tasty.

5 August 2017 (Saturday):

On that night, I had dinner with my family at Ben's in Bukit Damansara. The cafe is part of a grocery store and I really like that place.

7 August 2017 (Monday):

I went to Redtop ICT Centre on that day to check the status of the data recovery. As it turned out, they successfully recovered all data in the damaged hard disk drive of my Acer laptop. With that, I no longer wanted to buy a new laptop. Instead, I decided to replace the hard disk drive with a solid state drive. I had found out that solid state drives are much faster than hard disk drives.

On that night, I had dinner with my family at Yeast Cafe in Mid Valley Megamall. It is a French restaurant and I like the food there.

8 August 2017 (Tuesday):

My Acer laptop was ready on that day and I collected it at Redtop ICT Centre. I tested the laptop with the new solid state drive and it was indeed very much faster than it used to be. However, I then found out that there was some problem with Windows because Redtop made some modifications to Windows. I then performed a reinstallation of Windows 10 and this solved the problem. The performance of my Acer laptop was just like a new computer.

10 August 2017 (Thursday):

On that day, I received my transcript for Stage 3 of MBBS from NUMed, several days after I requested for it. I had to upload it to the MySELF website for the JPA scholarship.

On that afternoon, I upgraded my iPad Air tablet to iOS 11 Public Beta. iOS 11 would bring many new features to iPads and I was tempted to try it out. While the new features were great, my iPad Air became rather laggy after the upgrade. I hoped that the performance would improve in the final version of iOS 11. My 2nd Clash of Clans account was upgraded to Town Hall level 10 on that day.

11 August 2017 (Friday):

My 1st Clash of Clans account was upgraded to Town Hall level 11 on that day.

13 August 2017 (Sunday):

On that night, I had dinner with my family at Fresco Cafe in Empire Shopping Gallery. What's special about this cafe is that we can choose the beef we want from Jaya Grocer and then let the chef cook it with a side dish.

14 August 2017 (Monday):

I and my family took the LRT to Sunway Pyramid on that night. We had dinner at Kim Gary which is a Hong Kong restaurant.

15 August 2017 (Tuesday):

I watched the movie Memento online on that day. I discovered this movie by chance a few days ago. This movie is unique such that its plot isn't shown in chronological order. It is a very good movie and I was left with strong emotions after watching it.

16 August 2017 (Wednesday):

On that evening, I had dinner with my family at Restoran Waneeda Tomyam in Kota Damansara.
It is a Thai restaurant and I really like the tomyam soup, pandan chicken and steamed fish there. Later on that night, I watched another version of the movie Memento where the plot is shown in chronological order, just to experience it in a different way.

17 August 2017 (Thursday):

On that night, I had dinner with my family at Souled Out in Sri Hartamas. This restaurant has a great atmosphere and the food there is of high quality.

18 August 2017 (Friday):

I and my family had dinner at Fatty Crab in Petaling Jaya on that evening. I like the crab there very much. Later on that night, one of my Taylor's College friend started a conversation with me on Facebook Messenger. I hadn't seen him for quite some time and he was in Australia at that time. We chatted for quite a long time.

19 August 2017 (Saturday):

I met up with one of my Taylor's College friend in Puchong on that afternoon. First, we had lunch at Ha Ha Pan Mee. After that, we went for desserts at Moonlight Cake House. The last time I saw her was about one year ago, so I was happy to meet her again. On that night, I watched the opening ceremony of the 2017 Southeast Asian Games which was held in Kuala Lumpur.

20 August 2017 (Sunday):

On that night, I had dinner with my family at Le Bistro 33 in USJ Taipan. It is a French-Italian restaurant.

21 August 2017 (Monday):

On that afternoon, I and my family had lunch at Acme Bar & Coffee in The Troika. This was the first time I went to this restaurant and the food there is quite good. After that, we went to the lounge at Citibank nearby for a while. On that night, my mother cooked dinner at home.

After dinner, I met up with several of my Taylor's College friends at Inside Scoop in USJ Taipan, where we had ice-cream. I hadn't seen them for a long time and we had a lot of things to talk about. Later, we went to McDonald's nearby to have supper. My friends thanked me for organising this meetup.

22 August 2017 (Tuesday):

Android 8.0 was officially launched by Google in the early hours of that day, and I watched the launch event live online. The name of Android 8.0 was confirmed to be Android Oreo. The launch event was quite short and it coincided with a total solar eclipse in the USA, as the Sun looks like an Oreo cookie during the eclipse.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to upgrade my HTC One E8 phone to Android 8.0 Oreo. My phone was shipped with Android 4.4 KitKat, and it later received upgrades up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Since then, my phone no longer received any new Android versions.

23 August 2017 (Wednesday):

I had dinner with my family at Chili's in Citta Mall. I ordered Chicken Crispers which was what I used to order in the past, and I liked it a lot.

26 August 2017 (Saturday):

On that afternoon, I and my family went to KLIA2. That was my first time in KLIA2. We took a flight by AirAsia to Penang. When the plane was approaching Penang, it encountered severe turbulence which was really scary. After landing, we rented a car and attended my mother-side grandfather's birthday dinner at Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant. After the dinner, we went to Kulim and spent a night there.

27 August 2017 (Sunday):

I and my family took a flight from Penang back to Subang Jaya on that afternoon. Unlike the flight in the previous day, this flight was quite smooth.

28 August 2017 (Monday):

The students who failed Stage 3 of MBBS began their repeat year of Stage 3 on that day. Many of them are my friends. As they were no longer in the same batch with me, I likely wouldn't be able to see them often in the future.

Later on that day, NUMed sent us a welcome email for Stage 4 of MBBS and uploaded the Stage 4 timetable to the learning support website. Strangely, the timetable stated the Stage 4 start date as 18 September, even though Stage 4 was supposed to begin on 4 September. The student group list and study guides for Stage 4 were also not uploaded to the learning support website. Besides, the welcome email was shorter compared to the previous years.

30 August 2017 (Wednesday):

On that day, I watched The Hitman's Bodyguard at MBO Cinemas in Subang Parade with my mother. This movie is really intense and I enjoyed it very much. After that, we had dinner at Dome.

31 August 2017 (Thursday):

The 2017 Southeast Asian Games had just ended and Malaysia was ranked 1st among all participating countries. As a result, the government declared 4 September a public holiday. However, NUMed later informed us that 4 September wouldn't be a holiday at NUMed, because they had already set the timetables and it was too late to change it at that point. On that night, I had dinner with my family at Fatty Crab in Petaling Jaya once again.

1 September 2017 (Friday):

On that night, I and my family had buffet dinner at Melting Pot in Concorde Hotel. A wide variety of food was available and I really like the atmosphere there.

2 September 2017 (Saturday):

At my room in Horizon Residences, dust had always been a problem. It builds up quite easily, and getting rid of dust is particularly difficult in certain parts of the room. Therefore, I bought a vacuum cleaner on that day, hoping that it would solve the problem.

3 September 2017 (Sunday):

On that morning, my parents drove me from Subang Jaya back to Johor Bahru. We had lunch at Restoran Loon Sing in Bukit Indah. After that, I moved into Horizon Residences. My parents then went to the airport and took a flight back to Subang Jaya. I was looking forward to Stage 4 of MBBS.

4 September 2017 (Monday):

That was supposedly the first day of Stage 4 of MBBS. On that morning, I overslept because I had gotten used to waking up late throughout the break. I rushed and managed to arrive NUMed on time. I walked into the lecture theatre to attend the supposedly Stage 4 induction lecture. For some reason, the students who failed Stage 3 of MBBS and had to repeat Stage 3 were told to attend this lecture with us. The start of the lecture marked the end of my summer break.
(A very significant incident happened on that day. Read about it here: )

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