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Monday 19 September 2022

24 reasons why Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder are the same movie

1. MCU Phase 4 movie after Avengers: Endgame

2. Got banned in several countries

3. The protagonist has superpowers but isn't happy in his life

4. The protagonist's girlfriend left him many years ago but he still misses her every moment

5. The protagonist's girlfriend is now a scientist

6. The villain lost their children and wants to get them back at all costs

7. The villain's mind got corrupted by an object that gives them dark powers

8. The villain attacks the good guy's headquarters

9. Many heroes join forces at the headquarters, but the villain still defeated them

10. The protagonist and his ex-girlfriend fight the villain together

11. The villain managed to kidnap children with superpowers

12. The good guys pursue the villain across different worlds

13. The good guys try to seek help from a council of powerful people, but the council refuses to believe or help them

14. The council arrests the good guys, but the good guys successfully break free

15. The good guys realise that the villain seems too powerful for them and got really scared as the villain approaches

16. The final fight occurs at the place where the villain is the most powerful

17. A good fight took place, but in the end the good guys are unable to defeat the villain

18. The good guys admit defeat and allow the villain to have what they want

19. The villain realises their mistake and does the right thing in the end

20. The protagonist finally gets to confess his feelings to his ex-girlfriend, and she accepts it

21. The protagonist still doesn't get to be with his ex-girlfriend in the end, but he accepts the reality

22. The villain got the reassurance that their children will be loved

23. The villain dies in the end

24. The protagonist eventually goes on a new adventure with a new girl

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