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Wednesday 28 November 2012

My Greatest Enemy

I have many friends, but I also have a few enemies. Among my enemies, the one I hate the most is Thinnesh Kumar. He was once my good friend, but later became my enemy. There are several reasons why I hate him. Here, I will be explaining about that. Before I talk about why we became enemies, I will first talk about how I knew him.

This dates back to year 2008. In 2008, I started studying at SMK Sultan Badlishah. In the beginning, I did not know many students in school. However, many of them started talking to me by asking questions about me and my family. Thinnesh Kumar was one of them. He was not in the same class with me. Whenever he met me, he liked to ask me the question 'You are not working?' in Hokkien Chinese. He learnt that sentence from a Chinese friend. I wasn't quite fond of his act, as he couldn't pronounce the sentence properly, but I still became friends with him. Then, in March 2008, it was my first Moral lesson which was held in my class. As there was no other vacant places, he sat beside me. We talked to each other a lot and we started becoming closer.

After that, I would sit beside Thinnesh Kumar during every Moral lesson, as our classes would always have the Moral lesson together. Although we were friends, he liked to disturb me, such as by taking my things and poking me. There was another boy who also liked to disturb me. Thinnesh was behaving quite randomly. Sometimes, he would join that boy in disturbing me, but at other times, he would support me by stopping that boy from disturbing me. Occasionally, I quarrelled with Thinnesh, but that didn't affect our friendship. The same went on in year 2009.

However in 2010, Thinnesh seldom sat beside me during Moral lessons. He had many other friends at that time so he didn't want to sit with me anymore. As a result, we no longer had a very close relationship, but he was still my friend. After the PMR exam later that year, there was a lot of free time in school and we played chess together sometimes. In the following year 2011, we were initially in different classes. Then in February 2011, the school reallocated some students to different classes. As a result, Thinnesh joined my class. When I first knew that, I was quite happy, thinking that I would have one more friend in my class. He sat behind me, but he would come and sit beside me whenever the student beside me was absent. I often talked to him and we became quite close again.

However, starting from April 2011, there were serious conflicts between me and Thinnesh Kumar. Even before that, there are several reasons that made me dislike him. First, he liked to tease me very much. Once in October 2010, a teacher asked us to create a gadget. I jokingly pronounced the word 'gadget' wrongly. Since then, he kept finding the opportunity to tease me for not pronouncing something properly. Often, when I said something in class, he would repeat it in a strange way. Thinnesh also had the habit of looking down on the Chinese. He liked to make fun of a culture commonly practiced by the Chinese because the Indians don't practice that culture. Besides, he kept saying that Chinese people are useless and selfish. During History lessons, he also said that he hated the Chinese Civilization and the religion of Buddhism. I was very annoyed with him over that.

Thinnesh was a restless person. He kept moving about all the time, even when he was being punished by a teacher. His behaviour was just like someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Besides, he liked to talk very loudly. He was interested in a girl in my class, and whenever he was talking to the girl, there was nothing else that he would care about. I really disliked it when he talked so loudly as that was really rude. He also liked singing very loudly.

Thinnesh liked to tease me, especially since April 2011. Very often, he would call me 'big head' or 'kepala besar'. My Biology teacher had once told him that it is actually a good thing to have a big head with a lot of knowledge, but he just ignored that. He also did not respect the teachers very much. He seemed to be treating the teachers like people of the same age with him. There were many occasions where he challenged me for a fight in the field and threatened to smash my glasses with a football. Moreover, he liked teasing the students who took the ICT subject because he took Prinsip Perakaunan instead. He kept saying that the ICT subject was useless compared to Prinsip Perakaunan.

In addition, he liked to disturb me, such as by touching me and taking my things. Once, he took my name card. I didn't want to give it to him so I insisted that he return it to me. When he finally handed it back to me, he tore off a part of the name card. He was a close friend of another naughty boy. At first, that boy seldom disturbed me, but after Thinnesh came to our class, the boy joined him in disturbing me. Thinnesh also liked to disturb the girls in my class, especially those who were close to me. His intention was to make me angry.

In April 2011, Thinnesh started becoming my enemy. The immediate reason was that on 19 April 2011, a girl transferred from another school to my school and joined my class. I wanted to be her friend, but I was quite shy to start a conversation with her. When Thinnesh knew about it, he purposely stopped me from being friends with that girl. He said to the girl that I was a "psycho", which ruined her impression towards me. As a result, it became even difficult for me to be friends with that girl. I was so angry with Thinnesh that I stopped being friends with him and started considering him to be my enemy. Initially, I planned to continue being friends with Thinnesh after I managed to get the girl to become my friend.

After that incident, the conflict between me and Thinnesh intensified. He disturbed and teased me even more than before. One day, I returned to my class after break time. It was Physics lesson after that and we had to go to the lab. I took out my Physics books from my bag. Suddenly, Thinnesh came and took away one of my books. I tried chasing him to get back my book. However, he kept running and I could not run after him. Worse still, some other boys in my class supported Thinnesh. Thinnesh then ran to the Physics lab. When I got to the lab, I told the Physics teacher about the incident. However, Thinnesh denied taking my book. Having secretly put my book back on my table, he told the teacher that I was accusing him. Luckily, the Physics teacher didn't believe him.

One week after the girl entered my class, I finally started a conversation with her, thanks to the help by a few other girls in my class. I then started becoming friends with the girl. Earlier, I was planning to continue being friends with Thinnesh when that happens. However, due to Thinnesh's consistent teasing and disturbing, I decided to continue taking him as my enemy. After that, many other incidents happened.

Once, Thinnesh sprayed my hair with a liquid. I didn't know what the liquid was but the container of the liquid had the words 'Flammable'. Since it was a flammable liquid, there was a possibility that my hair could catch fire. So, I took revenge by throwing the things on his table onto the floor. Thinnesh almost started a fight with me because of that. One day in May 2011, the seat beside a girl in my class was empty because the girl sitting there was absent. Since the girl was my close friend, Thinnesh deliberately sat there. I told Thinnesh to go away but he refused to. Instead, he placed his hand behind the shoulder of the girl. One day in June 2011, I said to someone that Thinnesh was smelly. Previously, Thinnesh had teased me several times by saying that I was smelly, so I was just taking revenge. When Thinnesh knew about that, he wanted to start a fight with me, denying that he had ever said I was smelly.

On 7 July 2011, a fight broke out between me and Thinnesh. At that time, the Mathematics lesson was just over. Thinnesh deliberately knocked me when walking, so I knocked him back. He then knocked me very hard. I was very angry so I pushed him. He then shouted at me and challenged me to fight with him. I replied 'Come on!' and I tried to hit him. However, he pushed me back and punched my face. I tried to defend myself but I failed. My glasses fell off to the ground. Luckily, it did not break. The other boys in my class then came to stop the fight. They told me that I should punch Thinnesh instead of just defending. I then said that I didn't do so because I would be punished by the school if Thinnesh got hurt by that. Later, another boy in my class intentionally threw a glue-stick on me, giving me a 'second defeat'. Due to this incident, I posted on Facebook 'I HATE THINNESH KUMAR!'.

On 14 August 2011, another incident happened. At that time, I was collecting the class funds since I was the treasurer of my class. A boy paid the money but he said that he didn't trust me. He wanted to tick his name on the name list by himself, so I gave him the name list. He took my name list and walked to the front of the class. Later, I asked him to return the name list. However, he said that he did not have it. I pulled on his hand, trying to force him to return the name list. He didn't fight back, but he insisted that the name list wasn't with him. Then, another boy came and helped the boy escape from my grab. It was English lesson after that and we had to go to the multimedia room. The boy then ran to the multimedia room. I went there and told the English teacher about that. After the English lesson, the teacher asked the boy to return the name list to me. However, he still denied that he took it. After I followed him back to the class, I once again forced him to return it. He then said that Thinnesh took the name list and told me to get it from Thinnesh. Since he was the one who gave the name list to Thinnesh, I insisted that he had get it back from Thinnesh. It was ICT and Prinsip Perakaunan lessons after that. The other boys in my class then told me that Thinnesh would return the name list to me when the Prinsip Perakaunan lesson ends. They said that Thinnesh had to pay attention during the Prinsip Perakaunan lesson so I had to wait until the lesson was over. I insisted not to wait because the name list belonged to me so I had the right to get it back immediately. The boy then ran to the ICT lab and I followed him there. I told the ICT teacher about the incident and the teacher then asked another boy to get the name list back from Thinnesh. Thinnesh had no choice but to return it to me immediately. After the incident, the boy explained to me that he actually did not give the name list to Thinnesh but instead Thinnesh snatched the name list from him. So, I chose to forgive the boy and concluded that it was all Thinnesh's fault.

One day in September 2011, I quarrelled with Thinnesh again. It was Physics lesson at that time. Our Physics teacher asked us to copy some notes. However, he forgot to return a boy's exercise book. Therefore, the boy had to write the notes on a piece of foolscap paper. He did not have foolscap paper so he borrowed my test pad. When copying the notes, Thinnesh could not see a part of the blackboard, so he asked that boy for help. The boy gave Thinnesh my test pad so that Thinnesh could copy what he had written. I did not want Thinnesh to have my test pad after my experience with the 14 August incident earlier. I tried to take back the test pad from Thinnesh but he would not let me. I then took his book in revenge and he angrily hit his table. This was so unreasonable since it was him who took my test pad first. I threatened to tear his book and as a result, he challenged me for a fight. I scolded him 'stupid' and immediately, he stood up and wanted to start a fight with me. The Physics teacher saw that and he stopped us from fighting. The Physics teacher was unhappy with both of us because of this incident.

In year 2012, I did not have conflicts with Thinnesh Kumar that often because I always tried to avoid him. I did not want my friends and teachers to have bad impression towards me because of the conflicts. However, towards the end of 2012, an incident still happened. On 11 October 2012, there was a Biology lesson but my teacher left the class early because she had work to do. At that time, Thinnesh Kumar claimed that on that morning a girl in my class asked me a Mathematics question and I rudely answered her 'Macam ni pun tak tau ah?' ('You don't even know such a simple thing?') which made the girl feel very sad. Thinnesh announced that to the whole class and said that he would help the girl teach me a lesson. In reality, he was just making up a fake story and I definitely did not say those words to the girl. However, the other boys in my class believed Thinnesh and they started condemning me. I denied the whole case, but they refused to believe me. In fact, one of the boys insisted that I was wrong. I shouted back at him, denying the allegations. He then warned me not to raise my volume at him, threatening to punch me. Luckily, the girls in my class believed me. Finally, the girl clarified that the whole case was just a misunderstanding. Because of this incident, I decided to take Thinnesh Kumar as my enemy forever.

These are the reasons why I hate Thinnesh Kumar so much. We often had conflicts in school. The teachers did not intervene because they felt that we were mature enough to solve the conflicts between us. Some students suggested that I move to another class but I never agreed with that. Why should I leave my class when Thinnesh was in the wrong? Instead, the person who should move to another class was Thinnesh. It is impossible to resolve my conflicts with Thinnesh Kumar and I will never be friends with him again, not now, not in the near future and probably never will at all. Now, I have left secondary school, but I will never forget what Thinnesh had done to me. He will be my enemy forever.

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  1. Your friends are indeed naughty!
    But judging from ur achievements, you should be studying in good class.
    Yet your classmates are evil. I seriously can't believe.
    I thought that this kind of case would only happens in bad class. Which I mean the class whr the students don really study much.
    Well I feel pity for you but maybe you should make more friends. I didn't really see that you mention chinese friend more?